We drive leading-edge tolling transformations for more than 45 authorities nationwide.

Toll authorities today face unprecedented technological complexity and constant pressure to maximize revenue, anticipate and meet motorists’ evolving needs, and prevent leakage.

We can help.

With more than 35 years of experience and by applying our expertise, we can increase our clients’ revenue by up to 15%.

We recover millions of dollars for toll authorities annually, consistently outperforming the competition.

DMV registered owner lookup

  • We offer unparalleled domain expertise in DMV processing rules, license plate schemas, and state-specific nuances.
  • Our secure, robust system allows us to obtain registered owner information from all 51 U.S. DMVs, and we process more than 30 million DMV-registered owner transactions annually.
  • Our clients access out-of-state DMV databases via a single, user-friendly interface, with minimal impact on their internal IT resources.
  • We leverage our DMV relationships and our expertise in license plate schemas to achieve registered owner match rates of up to 90%.

Delinquent collections

With a focus on customer service, we maximize revenue collection through proven, compliant, secure, and respectful practices, including:

  • Follow-up notices
  • Skip tracing waterfall using multiple databases
  • Outbound calls
  • Email and text message communications
  • 24/7 electronic payment systems
  • Wide array of payment types
  • Support for tax intercept/offset programs
  • Secondary collections
  • Reporting and remittance management
  • Flexible payment/resolution options (e.g., installment plans, settlement programs, payment plans, and waivers) for constituents coping with economic hardship

Our automated skip tracing process identifies contact information quickly and efficiently, prioritizing the least expensive and most effective methods.

Our skip trace waterfall increases revenue on accounts that would otherwise be written off.

Want to ensure your collection partner provides a fair and positive motorist experience? Use our ethics checklist >

Public-private partnerships

We support successful public-private partnerships (P3s) across the country, including road, bridge, and tunnel projects.

  • Traffic and revenue studies including collection rates, geographic vehicle breakdown, and commercial vs. passenger toll revenue basis
  • Consultation on value for money (VfM) analyses
  • Incorporating intelligent and compliant omnichannel customer service solutions into your project’s strategy
  • Ensuring operational success, right from your project’s go-live date
  • Evolving over time as technology, regulations, volumes, and customer and motorist expectations change

Contact us for a complimentary DMV hit rate optimization analysis to help maximize your agency's revenue.

The proof is in the numbers.

Here’s what makes us the right partner for authorities nationwide:

Our collection rates
of 40% and higher
exceed the 23%
collection rate.

Clients place 5.2
collection accounts
with us annually,
worth $380 million.

We collect $425
payments annually.

During the past 5
years, more than 30
new tolling service
contracts with us.

Annually, we mail
12 million
notices, answer
650,000 calls, and
place 18 million
outbound calls.

Transformative digital contact center experience

Our technology and customer service solutions simplify the motorist experience and optimize revenue and reinvestment for our clients’ communities

Our omnichannel customer engagement platform delivers a modern, scalable, and multilingual motorist experience.

Our robotic process automation (RPA) makes your program’s workflows more efficient, cost effective, and flexible.

Our business analytics tools turn your data into actionable insights with speed and ease.

Our integration-centric architecture provides a future-proof foundation, enabling you to harness next-generation technologies for your program.

We use cloud computing to help you innovate faster and build the easy, cost-effective programs you and your motorists expect.

Our telephony suite maximizes your program’s contact rates and velocity; delivers compliant, hyper-personalized experiences at scale; and optimizes productivity.

Our account-based customer service platform – including digital fleet management – is a single source of truth that drives simplicity and transparency throughout your program.

Image review processing

We deliver unrivaled outcomes through our Image Processing System that includes:

  • Transaction/web-based access
  • Integrated DMV lookups
  • Vehicle class mismatch review
  • Enhanced supervisor review
  • Image review diagnostics
  • Variable, customized screen layout
  • Plate restriction validation
  • State-specific DMV edits, correlation, and syntax validation that reduce errors and increase revenue

Our expert DMV team is dedicated to reviewing input data and images, managing DMV interfaces, tracking state rules/configurations, and analyzing results.

We’ve corrected up to 46% of DMV image errors during customer audits, resulting in 100,000+ corrected records for one authority and reestablishing $11 million in billable revenue for another.

Back office transaction processing system (BOS)

  • Handling of transponder- and video-based accounts
  • Full transaction and financial reconciliation and auditing
  • Support for delinquent debt and violations, including timed escalation for fees, notices, and enforcement sanctions
  • Configurable account types (personal, commercial, etc.)
  • Full integration with our CSC operations
  • Robust reporting platform

Customer service center (CSC) operations

We’re an extension of our clients’ customer service teams, putting equal emphasis on revenue generation and dispute resolution … a commitment that shows in our Better Business Bureau accreditation.

We offer fully customized systems and services, delivering best-in-class techniques for partnering with agency staff, ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.

Thanks to efficiencies we’ve identified, our clients have reduced their operating costs by up to 15%.