Equitable Payment Plans

A Solution for Good

Economic instability and inequalities can complicate your operations. You want to collect revenue and ensure compliance while also delivering a fair and equitable motorist experience. One way to accomplish both is to make payment plans available to customers who may need them.

Payment plans are often employed as a high-impact customer service tool, but reviewing, approving, and activating them can be a complex, time-consuming undertaking. They typically involve in-person or mail-in applications, requiring complex approval procedures and the processing of mandatory down payments. This antiquated practice does not align with motorists’ expectations and preferences, and it ties up agencies’ valuable time and resources.

In partnership with our clients, we offer custom installment payment plan options to help motorists pay outstanding accounts if they cannot pay their full balance at one time. Our proprietary online module – run through our web portal – enables motorists to complete these actions virtually, without ever setting foot in a parking office. We also have experience in administering non-monetary alternatives, including donations and community service in lieu of payment.

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