Philadelphia and Duncan Solutions

Enhancing Revenue and CX for One of the Nation’s Largest Programs

History and Context

In 2019, the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) selected Duncan as its new servicing partner, replacing a long-time incumbent. The PPA program is among the nation’s largest with annual volumes including:

  • 2M citations processed

  • 2.5M notices sent

  • 1.25M registered owner requests

  • $100M+ in revenue

  • 25,000 boots

  • 50,000 tows

  • 4 walk-in payment locations

Delivering Results for the Agency and its Motorists

Within just a few years, we partnered with the PPA to activate numerous enhancements, enhance the program’s cash flow, and modernize the motorist CX.

Increasing revenue and recovering from the pandemic
  • Increased collection revenue by 42%

  • Through proprietary account linking, increased boot-eligible vehicle count by 77% and doubled weekly boot notice rates

  • Began processing for new speed infraction program, expanding our existing parking and red-light violation management responsibilities

  • Implemented secondary collections as one of three selected vendors; since go-live, we have collected $3.5M and are the #1-ranked vendor

  • Activated frivolous/fraudulent payment-blocking logic and alerts

Driving innovation, simplification, and digital transformation
  • Enhanced scofflaw and registration suspension notifications, adding $2M in revenue

  • Resolved tickets stalled by match issues, adding $1.5M in revenue

  • Sped up collection workflows and reduced manual steps

  • Audited and enhanced records and reports, increasing the efficacy of noticing, booting, and collections

  • Introduced automatic tow dispatch, giving parking enforcement officers a seamless way to make in-field requests

  • Implemented handheld enforcement LPR nonstandard plate configuration alert and character review

Improving the motorist experience

We completely revamped the online customer portal, so it now offers:

  • Multilingual support

  • Mobile-friendly self-service experience

  • Single place to pay and view violation details (e.g., photos, contest/dispute violations)

  • Ability to purchase and renew residential parking permits

  • Consolidated information about vehicles that have been booted, towed, registration suspended, and impounded

  • Interface for applying for payment plans

  • Ability to pay for violations across multiple vehicles registered to the same party

  • Vehicle auction tool integration

Laying the groundwork for future enhancements

Planned improvements include:

  • Increase collection of auction fee tickets (worth ≈$60M)

  • Automate merging of same-name accounts, improving noticing, booting, and collections

  • Adjust booting eligibility, basing it on account/name instead of individual plates

  • Ground-up redesign of custom, white-label enforcement application with LPR-centric enforcement flow

  • Expanded motorist communication channels (e.g., adding email and text)

  • E-signature for document execution, including email capability