Engaging Motorists Online

Better Experiences. Accelerated Cash Flow.

The communication preferences of U.S. consumers continue to shift toward digital channels. Millennials, for example, are far more likely to include email (79%) and text (47%) among their preferred channels than to want phone calls (17%).1

Your motorists, too, want familiar, efficient ways to interact with your program. Plus, leveraging options like email and text can help:

  • Control program costs;

  • Accelerate cash flow; and

  • Meet motorists’ expectations for green communications.

Pay-by-email and pay-by-text are smart ways to meet motorists where they are online. We help clients offer these options. First, we acquire motorists’ phone numbers or email addresses through:

  • Client’s account assignment files;

  • Skip tracing;

  • Opt-in fields on motorist portals;

  • Phone agent interactions;

  • Opt-in links and QR codes in written communications; and/or

  • Motorists’ use of an email address as their portal username.

Then, we follow our standard, four-step process:


Contact us today to learn more about these and other digital motorist-engagement options.