Pittsburgh and Duncan Solutions

An Award-Winning Partnership Built for the Steel City

History and Evolution

Several years ago, changes to Pennsylvania law meant Pittsburgh’s traffic court would need to begin operating independently. Realizing it would need new resources, the Pittsburgh Parking Authority (PPA) launched a competitive procurement and selected Duncan Solutions as their new partner. Our initial rollout (completed in just five months) included:

  • Ticket processing and management

  • Boot/tow program

  • Customer service (i.e., call center and web, phone, and walk-in payment options)

  • Integration between our AutoPROCESS system and PPA’s handhelds

Our partnership continues to this day. We have helped the PPA expand its program and enhance its CX with:

  • Online hearings

  • Enhanced motorist communications, including email

  • Adjudication support

  • Multiple cashiering locations

  • Lockbox services

  • Vehicle auction solutions

  • LPR technology

  • Secondary collections

  • Expanded booting operation

  • AutoPROCESS multimedia (e.g., access to images of photos, notices, checks, and envelopes)

"Duncan has proven to be a committed and dedicated partner in our mission, first to completely revamp all aspects of an existing violation program and, subsequently, to continue to improve its content and operation over time."

– Dave Onorato, CAPP Executive Director, PPA

Outcomes and Success

  • Program revenue increase of 366% from 2005 to 2019

  • In 2015, the PPA was recognized as IPMI’s Parking Organization of the Year

  • Ticket closure rate up nearly 50% (from 60% to 89%)

  • Total revenue: $179M+

  • Total tickets processed: 4.4M

Community Involvement

We are pleased to partner with an organization that is so committed to its community. Among its other community activities, the PPA has:

  • Contributed real estate for urban redevelopment projects

  • Supported pop-up restaurants by repurposing metered spaces as seating areas

  • Removed parking spaces to make way for city-wide bike lanes