Intelligent Adjudication

Faster Revenue Capture and Better CX

It’s a fact of life: there always will be motorists who elect to contest tickets. From initial dispute to hearing to judgement, adjudications may take months and tie up many authority and municipality resources. Plus, inefficient processes and antiquated systems can make for a frustrating customer experience (CX).

If this all sounds familiar, consider using compartmentalized AI within your adjudication process to more effectively:

  • Accept motorist appeal requests;

  • Inform motorists of appeal options (including information on likelihood of success based on analytics); and

  • Enhance service times by automating accounts' progress through process steps, per business rules.

Intelligent Solutions for Your Agency and Motorists

Partnering with our clients, we are committed to delivering a better, more effective adjudication CX. Benefits for you, your staff, and your motorists include…

  • Agility: Our administrative review, hearing, and scheduling module is extremely flexible, so we can easily meet your unique requirements.

  • Speed: With automation and faster processing times, funds flow back into your program and communities sooner.

  • Scale: Annually, our solution manages hundreds of thousands of adjudication actions nationwide.

  • Technology: We provide the industry’s most advanced technology for review and hearing adjudication. We continually enhance our processing platform to provide easy-to-use software and services that leverage the latest technologies.

  • All-in-one solution: With us, you get a partner who can handle many elements under one roof. For example, we can provide workflow management for both mail and online requests; process incoming administrative review and hearing requests; deploy software that indexes scanned contestation files to corresponding tickets; integrate all mail-in administrative review and hearing requests and correspondence into a workflow management solution.

  • Intelligence: Our comprehensive, customizable reporting gives you insights into the entire administrative review and hearing process.

  • Ease and simplicity for motorists: Duncan can provide a variety of appeal submission channels for motorists, including online, mail, telephone, and over the counter. Our mobile-friendly web portal gives motorists information about the status of contested tickets and the option to request a review, hearing, or superior court appeal for contested tickets.