• Municipal On-Street Parking Program

A well-managed municipal on-street parking program provides an important public service and represents a valuable revenue source. And with cities seeking ways to reduce operating expenses and find innovative ways to optimize resources, an “outsourced” managed services model can maximize the value of a city's on-street parking program and allow the city to retain policy control.

A growing number of cities are looking to unlock the value of their on-street parking assets by partnering with the private sector. Some of the advantages of this approach include:

Positive Financial Outcome

  • Significant up-front payments that can be used by the city to advance projects, services and/or budget shortfalls
  • Financial outcome is tailored to the city's vision for the future and its economic needs

Performance Enhancements

  • Duncan will bring new technology and innovation to bear over the entire term of partnership and use best practice management systems (dynamic integrated online management)
  • Provision of services to pre-defined performance levels
  • Improve motorist satisfaction

Risk Transfer

  • Duncan will absorb some important risks including potential fluctuations in revenue; maintenance and other operations; system performance in this partnership, transferring these risks away from the city and its constituents
  • Depending on the preferred structure and subject to due diligence, Duncan would assume a number of on-street parking risks currently borne by the city: operational, technical, cost, occupancy, compliance, market and completion/installation

Policy Control is Retained by the City

  • The rights and obligations of each party would be agreed upfront in the agreement
  • Through the agreement, parking, traffic and regulatory settings control would be retained by the city

Seamless Transition

  • Duncan will work with City to design an optimal transition plan and incorporate existing third party service providers

Duncan provides parking management services under a financial or contractual structure that suits each City’s objectives and requirements and will work with clients to determine a contractual and operational model which maximizes net revenues while supporting the policy and strategic objectives of each client.

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