• AutoCOLLECT Debt Collection Services

Collecting millions of dollars for public sector clients each year

Bring in payments faster and reduce your collections costs with Duncan’s debt collection services. Our collections services unlock the cash flow from backlogged citations by giving citizens the information and tools they need to fulfill their obligation.

Comprehensive Collections Solution

  • Our comprehensive, flexible collection approach is tailored to your needs. You choose from services including multi-tiered skip trace waterfall, custom collection notices, inbound and outbound call management, web and IVR payment options, and more.

Revenue Optimization

  • Due to our specialization in collecting government receivables, and our corporate focus on innovation and continuous process improvement, Duncan routinely delivers increased client revenues compared to our competitors. For this reason, Duncan’s clients generally agree that we present the best value available among delinquent collections providers.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • We do not view revenue recovery and customer service as mutually exclusive; in fact, our philosophy is that the two go hand-in-hand. As an operator of a nationwide licensed collection agency, Duncan delivers responsive and ethical services fully operating within the framework of Fair Debt Collection Protection Act (FDCPA).

Rapid and Seamless Transition

  • As a result of our steadily expanding portfolio of clients and proven implementation methodology, we are well positioned to provide rapid implementation of our best-in-class AutoCOLLECT solution to quickly get your program up and running.

Download Duncan's Debt Collection Services Information Sheet or call (888) 993-8622 for more information.